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Gear Box

One of the greatest companies for top-quality gear boxes that can be utilized in a variety of applications is Aries Industries. We frequently transact in various gear box items and related spare components that are utilized across several sectors. Contracts for all types of gearbox repairs can be successfully handled by our professionals. Our industrial gearboxes and gears are ideal for many different machinery and industrial applications. At Aries Industries, we have state-of-the-art testing facilities and design software to handle gears that are heavily reliant on power transfer.

Smsr Gear Box

We have an experienced team of experts who can work on designing and producing various industrial gear types depending on current industry requirements and regulations. Helical gearboxes, worm gearboxes, reel gearboxes, leveler or flattener gearboxes, spur gears, and bevel gears are a few of the standout items from the wide range of goods we provide. The chemical, steel, metal working, paper, cement, waste water treatment, mining, rubber, and material handling industries are just a few prominent industries that use such items.


Some of the services we provide are listed below:

  • Gearbox maintenance
  • Gearbox overhaul and repairs
  • Gearbox health checkup
  • Reverse engineering
  • Drop-in replacement
  • Gearbox enhancement and upgradation
  • Designing and engineering consultancy
  • New product development

Helical Gearbox

We provide helical gearbox products with a 0.8 KW to 8000 KW power range.

Single, double, triple, and quadruple stage functionalities are all suited for our goods.

We provide a comprehensive selection of extra accessories for our helical gearboxes, including heat exchangers, cooling fans with covers, cooling coils, holdbacks, shrink discs, temperature, pressure, and flow sensors, as well as lubricating pump systems.

The following is a list of the different uses for our helical gearboxes:

  • Bridle Drives
  • Kiln Drives
  • Bucket Conveyor Drives
  • Crushers
  • Ball Mill Drives
  • Mixing Drives
  • Paper Machine Drives
  • Hosting Drives
  • Agitating Drives
  • Turbine Drives

The helical gearboxes may be installed quickly and easily with auxiliary drives, a motor, shrink disc, hold backs, input and output couplings, temperature, pressure, and flow indicators.

To improve the thermal rating of the gearbox, additional accessories like heat exchangers, fan covers, and cooling coils can be attached.

Worm Gearbox

Worm gearboxes with up to 200 HP in power are proudly designed by Aries Industries.

As a horizontal gearbox, tube mill, or inverted gearbox, it operates.

Our units come in the form of double and single reduction conventional fan-cooled gearboxes.

Each unit functions as a highly compact unit with strong power transfer and reduction features.

We can definitely find the ideal solutions for your industrial demands because we are a firm that has been manufacturing gear boxes for a long time. So get in touch with us right away for the greatest gearboxes money can buy.

Gear Box

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