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Conveyor Spares.

We at Aries Industries are the best people to turn to for the best answers when you need the highest quality conveyor spares for your company. We are a top supplier of cutting-edge conveyor spares that can be applied to a variety of tasks and processes. We are experts in the production and distribution of various varieties of conveyor spare parts, including rollers, buckets, belts, impact rollers, pullies, and screw blades.

We provide a wide variety of sizes for each of our items. There are standard and custom sizes available. We may customize particular spare parts based on your unique requirements to ensure that you get the most out of them. Aries Industries has a sizable production facility where we are able to carry out precision engineering and manufacturing of replacement components. Additionally, we are able to fulfill all of your order requests within the time frame you give us.

Conveyor Spares

Due to their extended functional life, durable construction, outstanding quality, exceptional performance, dimensional precision, and best-in-class service, our conveyor spares are constantly in high demand on both domestic and international markets.

Using premium raw materials, we provide a wide selection of high-quality conveyor spare parts. We can ensure that these products have improved resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and breakage thanks to this. Consequently, you can trust us to provide you with the best goods and services if you’re seeking for highly lasting conveyor spares.


Here are a few examples of the conveyor spare parts we can provide for you.

  • Buckets
  • Dog chain
  • Free Sprocket
  • Sheer pin sprocket
  • Sprocket- 12 -T
  • Sprocket -10-T
  • Sprocket 8T
  • Hold down Bar
  • Load Roller
  • Oil Lubricator
  • Guide Roller
  • Load axle
  • Impact roller
  • Guide axle
  • Pullies
  • Sheer pin
  • Load link-12″
  • Track Bracket
  • Guide link 12″
  • Screw blades
  • Track line
  • Clevis bracket
  • Drive Track
  • Kurshi form
  • 45o┬áVertical Bend (R4′)
  • 90o┬áHorizontal Bend (R4′)
  • Assembly Chains

When you decide to purchase conveyor spare parts, simply select our company to receive the best goods that money can buy. In addition to being beneficial for your organization, our top-notch personalized items can also significantly reduce the amount of physical labor you have to do.

Conveyor Spares


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