Details Of Herringbone Gears

Herringbone Gears.

Herringbone gears and helical gears, which are available from Aries Industries, have stronger and longer teeth than the majority of other gear types and classes. The herringbone gears can be utilized to successfully transport huge and heavy weights because they provide a greater area for surface contact on the teeth. The helical gears that our specialists design and produce are quite quiet when in use and cause fewer vibrations. The only difference between the gears and spur gears is that helical gears have teeth that are cut at an angle to the axis. Both left and right hand variants of our herringbone gears are offered.

Our herringbone gears come in standard versions with diameters up to 60 inches. Diametrical pitch ranges from 16 DP to 2 DP. These devices have a face width that can reach 18 inches. Hex and flat shaft properties may be present in the gears. Additionally, we provide fully maintained custom-designed herringbone gears that provide higher efficiency for a variety of activities. Our clients can produce fantastic examples of herringbone gears based on the precise proportions you require, which could be beneficial for your company.

Herringbone Gears

Materials Used

Alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, gray cast iron, bronze, and ductile iron are a few of the materials we use. To ensure that every herringbone gear we design and produce is top-of-the-line, we only use premium, hand-selected materials. Alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, gray cast iron, bronze, and ductile iron are a few of the materials we use. In addition, a number of non-metals are used in the manufacturing of herringbone gears. Plastic, nylon, acetal, phenolic, Delrin, polycarbonate, and polyester are some of these non-metals. These materials are all obtained from the best sources and have no contaminants. As a result, the herringbone gears are extremely trustworthy and effective for a variety of applications. All herringbone gears are also subjected to a variety of procedures, including as die forming, heat-treating, finishing, and machining, which enhances their quality and functionality.


Here are the common applications for which our herringbone gears can be used:
  • Construction purposes
  • Architecture
  • Commercial uses
  • Transportation
  • Marine industry
  • Agricultural and farming
  • Other industries

When you contact us to request bespoke herringbone gears, we can also design prototypes for you to select from for high or low volume manufacturing. Additionally, all of the major international standards including ANSI, TS, ASME, and AWS are met by our goods.

Herringbone Gears

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