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About  Of  Industrial Gear Coupling.

Aries Industries is one of the top suppliers, producers, and exporters of gear couplings situated in Ahmedabad, India. The flexible gear couplings may be utilized to transmit large amounts of torque.Our selection of gear couplings comprises mostly of  two hubs with crowned exterior teeth and two outer sleeves with internal spur teeth.

Gear Coupling

We always utilize premium raw materials to create our gear couplings. Each and every Gear Coupling that we provide is built to last. At Aries Industries, we also provide all Gear Coupling components to our client’s at the most aggressive pricing. Our business is renowned for offering consumers in India and worldwide high-quality, durable mechanical power transmission components like Gear Couplings. In order to help our customers with their industrial demands, we may also provide them specialized services.

The Specifications of Gear Couplings Created by Aries Industries.

  • The hubs are made from forged EN-8/EN-9 steel.
  • We provide the highest quality replacement parts for gear couplings manufactured of EN-8 materials.
  • According to client desire, heat treatment can be performed.
  • The final bore and keyway are completed.
  • In order to preserve the D.O.P./SPAN for the necessary sliding tolerances, the teeth cuts are produced. The components can be switched out completely.
  • Materials EN-8/EN-9 were used to make all of the casings.
  • We provide gear couplings in sizes NE 100 to NE 119.
  • Our completed and ready stock always includes gear couplings up to NE 115.

Application of Gear Couplings

We can supply high-quality gear couplings that have a wide range of uses in industries like steel, cement, power, sugar, metal rolling, rolling mills, mining hubs, marine, chemical, and fertilizer plants, as well as plants that make cranes and other heavy machinery.

Other Industries That Make Use of Our Gear Couplings Include :

  • Dredger
  • Paper-making facilities
  • Rubber and plastics industries
  • Conveyors and elevators
  • Fans, blowers, and compressors

Advantages of Using Our Gear Coupling Components

  • Extended lifespan
  • Corrosion protection
  • Stable design
  • Excellent capacity for bore
  • A large torque rating

We at Aries Industries can thus provide you the best items the next time you decide to purchase Gear Coupling, so don’t be hesitant to call us.

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