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Industrial Shaft Manufacturer In India.

One of the greatest companies for producing high-quality industrial shafts that can be utilized in a variety of applications is Aries Industries. The highest quality raw materials are used to construct the various varieties of industrial shafts that we usually produce. Different types of industrial operations, including annealing, forging, quenching, machining, and heat treatment, can be carried out with the use of the industrial shafts that we develop and manufacture. We offer industrial shafts in a wide variety of sizes and specifications, depending on the particular requirements of our clients.

Industrial Shaft

We have been supplying our clients in India and internationally with high-quality products that have allowed them to carry out a variety of industrial activities for many years as a well-known manufacturer of top-grade industrial shafts. We can guarantee the production of pinion shafts, machined shafts, helical shafts, splined shafts, and double helical shafts in both standard and custom variations, which will increase the productivity of the users. The industrial shafts are immensely helpful for a wide variety of specialized applications because each one has been meticulously made to ensure optimum accuracy and efficiency. These machined industrial shafts are frequently used for military and maritime applications, boat propellers, generators, and other equipment.

Materials we use

We use some of the best raw materials to create our industrial shafts, which has allowed us to consistently deliver high-quality goods. As per BS, ASTM, AISI, IS, and SAE standards and regulations, we create high grade industrial shafts using Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, or MS. Our products’ exterior diameters commonly fall between 100 mm and 1,500 mm, and their lengths range from 50 mm to 5000 mm.

we serve industries

Companies from a variety of industries and sectors, including aluminum, chemical, cold and hot rolling, defense, dam and lock machinery, food processing, fertilizer industry, grinding mills, material handling, moveable bridges, marine, paper, plastics, petroleum, rubber, stamping presses, steel, sugar, surface mining, strip processing, power industry, petrochemical, rubber plants, sponge iron, turbine plant, use our cutting-edge industrial shafts extensively.

Industrial Shaft

Why Us as Shaft Manufacturing Company

Our industrial shafts have always been among the best in the business because we have paid close attention to detail. Our shafts are renowned for their robust design, accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability.

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