Brief Information About Pin Bush Coupling And Flexible Coupling

Flexible Coupling Manufacturers in India (Pin Bush Coupling)

Aries Industries is able to offer you a superb selection of pin bush type flexible couplings and pin bush couplings, among other top-quality flexible couplings. All of our couplings are made using premium raw materials including cast steel and cast iron. We can also make specialized items for you out of any other type of material you like. Before being certified for sale, we ensure that every flexible coupling goes through a comprehensive quality test. This inevitably aids in ensuring that our goods are risk-free, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting.

At Aries Industries, we have a sizable workshop and cutting-edge infrastructure ready to meet the mechanical and functional needs of many industries. We frequently collaborate with our industrial clients, both in India and abroad, and this enables us to develop extremely sophisticated flexible couplings that can make it simpler for them to perform their duties. As one of the leading flexible coupling suppliers and manufacturers, we provide the best couplings that are frequently used to transfer torque from one specific shaft to another if the two shafts are slightly out of alignment. Additionally, these adaptable couplings can accommodate misalignments of various intensities up to 1.5o. Additionally, they can be utilized for mild parallel misalignment. Our flexible couplings are also excellently suited for use in vibration damping and noise reduction applications.

Pin Bush Coupling

Materials We Use

Our flexible couplings are built entirely from scratch using a variety of materials. Cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and rubber are a few of them. Every single raw material is obtained from the best sources, therefore they are absolutely reliable and pure.

Types of Flexible Couplings.

At Aries Industries, we primarily offer three types of flexible couplings: mechanically flexible couplings, elastomeric element couplings, and metallic element couplings. Before being authorized for sale, each of these couplings is examined for the maximum level of effectiveness and productivity.



There are many uses for our flexible couplings, some of which are listed here.

  • Cranes
  • Cone crushers
  • Electric motors
  • Shaft to shaft misalignments
  • Pumps and diesel generators
  • Diesel and power generation industries

We can design specialized units to help you save on energy and gain from higher productivity based on the precise uses for which you are looking to purchase these flexible couplings. So if you’re looking for the best flexible coupling products in India, get in touch with Aries Industries.

 Pin Bush Coupling

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