Applications Of Industrial Spur Gears

Spur Gears

Aries Industries takes great pride in producing high-quality spur gears with straight teeth that are cut on the rim and run perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Our spur gears are well renowned for being reliable and affordable, and they are frequently utilized in many different applications.

Our Spur Gears make it possible to transfer motion and power between two parallel shafts rotating in opposition to each other. Our spur gears are shaped like cylinder disks with straight edges that are parallel to the rotational axis and radially projecting teeth.

These gears are positioned over parallel shafts so that the teeth can mesh and transfer motion and power efficiently.

Spur Gear

Why Us

Since 2012 years ago, Aries Industries has been a recognized innovator in the design and production of premium spur gears. High-quality raw materials that are processed and formed into high-yield spur gears are always used to create our cutting-edge spur gears. In order to preserve them against corrosion, wear, and tearing for a long period, we additionally finish our items by coating them with a finishing material. We put our spur gears through a lot of testing to make sure they provide the greatest performance for the applications you have in mind.


Our spur gears are incredibly user-friendly and may be used in a variety of applications that call for high load and fast speed thanks to their high-end design. The spur gears are ideal for applications that call for a range of high- and low-speed requirements. They are utilized in a wide range of velocity ratios and gear systems. The most efficient way to increase or decrease an object’s overall speed or to multiply its power or torque is through the use of spur gears. For a variety of mechanical applications, including electric screwdrivers, clocks, and home appliances like blenders, washing machines, oscillating sprinklers, and clothes dryers, we produce both custom and standard spur gears.

We also produce spur gears for automobiles, railways, and airplane engines. We can also give you the high torque and low speed spur gears you need for kilns, sugar mills, and ball mills. In many power plants, our products are frequently employed to turn hydroelectric or wind energy into electrical energy.

Spur Gear

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