Plant Product Of Kiln Support Roller Assembly

Kiln Support Roller Assembly.

The premium kiln support roller assembly items created and produced by Aries Industries are renowned as some of the best in the sector. For a wide range of purposes, our products are used in different facilities and industries. Because of their homogeneous wall thickness, our products are renowned for providing cooling that is precisely uniform.

This makes them more usable and helps to lessen structural flaws. Uneven cooling caused by a thick area, or hot spot, can result in porosity, shrinkage, and cracking. However, you can be sure that you won’t encounter such problems at any time if you purchase products that our team has designed.

Our goods are incredibly practical for a wide variety of uses and functions thanks to their cutting-edge design. Our kiln support roller assembly products are popular both in India and internationally because of this.

Kiln Support Roller Assembly

Sponge Iron Plants

The following dimensions are the best grade sponge iron plants we provide.

Various design consultancies, including: 100tpd, 50tpd, 300tpd, 200tpd, 500tpd, and 350tpd plants are available.

  • od1800mm x id500 x 1000mm
  • od1000mm x id320/300 x 560/550mm
  • od1700mm x id550 x 880mm
  • od400mm x id160 x 240mm or any customized design
  • Cements plants for all capacities
  • Phosphate mines
  • Kaolin & bentonite plants
  • Alumina plants


Some of the major uses for our kiln support roller assembly products are listed below:

  • Cement mills
  • Shipbuilding
  • Rotary kilns
  • Mining
  • Metallurgy
  • Powder plants
  • Sugar mills
  • Engine beds
  • Rail roads

We can provide OEM services for rotary kiln casting items and cement mill parts, marine steel casting components, as well as equipment parts for sugar mills with low alloy steel or carbon steel components, in addition to providing products that may be used for the aforementioned purposes. The following treatments are offered for these casting parts:

machining: rough machining, final machining, and semi-finished machining.

Heat Treatment: 100 percent normalized, quenched, and tempered.

Kiln Support Roller Assembly

Unique Features of Our Diverse Products

At Aries Industries, we continuously uphold the highest standards for both our goods and services to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied. Here are a few things that set us different from the competition in our sector.

  • Highly durable products
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • Superior level of tolerance
  • Can be installed and used easily
  • Superb surface finishing

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