Advantages of Utilizing Our Flywheels Or Pulley As Per Drawing

Flywheels As Per Dwg – Pulley.

The industrial pulley manufacturing industry is dominated by Aries Industries. We are a highly effective designer and producer of premium pulley parts that can be utilized for many applications. We specialize in creating and producing various types of flywheels that may be used with various machine types. For both home and foreign markets, our engineers can produce the best single mass flywheels and dual mass flywheels.

We only use the highest quality raw materials to create premium flywheels in a variety of sizes and designs. We also excel in providing Flywheels that are specifically tailored to the needs and specifications of our clients.


Our modern technology Flywheels are employed in a variety of industries and markets, including agriculture, light industry, recreation, and off-highway uses. We provide a variety of flywheels in various poly-V layouts. They can be produced in addition to the optional cooling fans.

Our products come in a variety of shaft sizes and configurations. We also utilize incredibly accurate and precise balancing techniques to guarantee performance that is durable, high-quality, and noise-free. By providing the best motor-flywheel assemblies, we have improved the efficiency of vibration analysis procedures. We also have a specialty in creating several styles of custom-built flywheels for our clients.

Advantages of Utilizing Our Flywheels

All types of manual transmissions can benefit from the increased operational effectiveness provided by our flywheels. They stand out for their beautiful design and finishing, which guarantees long-lasting performance. You may rely on our products to consistently provide you with outstanding results if you’re seeking for flywheels that will provide you cost-effective operations and user friendliness. Our flywheels are available in a range of sizes and diameters as well.

We always use the best hand-selected raw materials to create our flywheels, and we combine a casting method to do so. Our ability to efficiently work with these items has allowed us to produce products that consistently provide outstanding performance. Additionally, we employ a variety of procedures to improve the tensile strength, toughness, and robustness of these goods.


We subject these flywheels to some of the most rigorous quality inspections once they are made to ensure that our customers are happy with our products at all times.

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